523 Unit High Rise Condominium


Rare are the times when beauty is likened to the concept of stillness as we mostly consider an object to be beautiful when it is full of life or energy. But when a thing is still or calm, we label it as one that exudes peace instead. Water for example is perceived to pose tranquility and peace but not beauty itself. This concept may be true all times when considered under normal circumstances but not when water is used as a subject of this apartment damansara concept may be true all the time. However, there are instances when water is considered to be a subject of magnificence like in water photo manipulations and landscape apparatus, like those that can be found in the latest condominium project from Vorakit construction company, the La Santir Condo.

The La Santir Condo is a high rise condominium situated in the beach road of Sukhumvit Pattaya. It has 29 floors all in all, and has 523 apartments. The grounds and some apartments of this condominium are packed with fountain structures and reflection ponds. Technically the place is littered with water paraphernalia from top to bottom. At the entrance of the condominium, one would be greeted by the condo’s logo and name signage set upfront a mini waterfall. The wall of such waterfall is actually the infinite edge part of the ground level but elevated swimming pool. The elevated swimming pool has cabanas and sunbathing lounge chairs all around. This same facility houses an underground car parking area of the condominium, one of the two subterranean car parks of the property. In front of the signage, are more smaller water jets lined up at intervals. Another larger fountain can be found near the other car park. This parking area is also under other amenities, particularly the tennis court and jogging path. The fountain is built at the center of a circular space that leads to the underground car park or to the elevated jogging path. Another water feature of the high end condominium is its waterfall staircase. The stairs leading to the lobby of the La Santir Condo has cascading waters at the center, dividing the condominium staircase into two paths.

Aside from the water structures, the condominium too features waterscapes in the different units. The apartments, which are in 26.25, 32, 33.4, 36, 44 and 49 square meter have different landscape and seascape views. Some units have the Jomtien coastline view while the others overlook Pattaya city. All these views are seen through transparent full size viewing windows and balconies featured among all units, regardless of unit size. The apartments of this condominium project have one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and dining area and the living room. These features are not difficult to do with the larger apartments but most difficult to accomplish with the smaller ones. Despite this complication, the condominium’s developer has simply address this concern successfully. All units also come fully furnished and the fixtures that come with each unit are the dining and living room set, the bed, built in wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and appliance, as well as the television set for the living room. Additional fixtures are the outdoor chair and table set for the balconies. There are other apartments that open up to balconies with their own small reflection pools as well, thus providing more water scenes than those that merely have the seascape views.

The other amenities of the high-end condominium are the restaurant and the fitness gym. The restaurant is set up with tables for four, and some single seats close to the bar corner. The tables and chairs are in colors white and gray and all tables are fully arranged for formal dining. Overhead are white lamps that add to the whiteness of the atmosphere. The fitness gym is in the color contrast to white – which is black. The gym has exercise machines and screens for physical activity monitoring.

With regards to the price range, these La Santir Condo features are available for purchase at the price range of 30,000 to 60, 000 baht per square meters. The price may seem cheaper compared to other condos because the developer and construction management for such is under a single management.

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