Learning the Difference: Colocation and Dedicated Server Hosting


Internet hosting services have three types, two of which I shall be providing you with basic facts namely: dedicated server and collocation. A dedicated server is one type of web hosting that you would lease for your exclusive use. This would be beneficial for your web site especially if it creates a substantial amount of traffic in a day since it keeps things organized, secure and not to mention continuously upgrades applications on your web site. It gives you and your clients as well the peace of mind in regards to their financial and personal information that they would input into your web site. Dedicated server hosting  is quite advantageous since it has an extremely large storage space on the hard disk and the technical support is quite meticulous.

On the other hand, colocation is another type of web hosting service that allows you to store your own web server however it would be located in a different facility co-located by the provider thus the term colocation. This type of web server allows you to have physical access when you need it to your won server, unlike a dedicated server where you may have the full access to customization but not the physical access to the server itself. The colocation provider also allows a connection to the internet to your web server. Now let us proceed to what matters most: dedicated server colocation.

Advantages of Dedicated Server & Colocation

So you would be able to see things from a clearer perspective allow me to provide you with the benefits of dedicated server hosting. Dedicated servers no longer require you to purchase the needed equipment plus you would no longer need to update or maintain the equipment needed as well. Dedicated hosting servers have various packages that are offered and you can opt for packages that would fit your web site needs especially in terms of storage space on the hard disk and the allowable transferable data.

Aside from that, web servers of this type of internet hosting service are quite fast and not to mention powerful. As mentioned, upgrading would no longer be done by you instead upgrades occur at less than 24 hours just by submitting a work order to your service provider. If your thinking upgrades would add more to the cost you pay then you are thinking rubbish since upgrades are way cheaper since you pay rental fees on a monthly basis.

Now that you know the advantages of a dedicated server, what does colocation have to offer? Colocation also offers security and high-speed connections to various networks. Colocation bypasses the local tie and loop so you would be connected directly to the World Wide Web. Plus it offers redundant power and 24 hours of access to the physical server, unlike a dedicated server. However, there is a web server that combines the use of the two which is known as the dedicated server colocation which has quite the same benefits as a dedicated server but still sticks to the general rule of no physical access to the web server itself.

The Verdict

So given the advantages of a dedicated server and colocation, which do you, think would benefit your web site or company the most? Keep in mind that internet hosting services aren’t exactly cheap and all the types require a lot of money and carry a lot of responsibility. Dedicated server colocation is available if you do not want to choose among the two but the price may not always be the one you had thought it would be.

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